A whale in the forest

A whale in the forest creates sonic art that seeks to portray the dark truths of our everyday existence. Often set within narrative contexts reminiscent of science fiction and horror, the works depict stories that aim to lead the listener to question and explore many facets of human experience whilst allowing personal interpretation and meaning. 

A Whale In The Forests debut album Machine Nature is out now.





"'Turn the light off, shut your eyes and listen to the things that go buzz in the night…' This is the deal A Whale In The Forest offers and boy do they deliver!" NARC Magazine

"Overall, this is a fantastic sonic experience and I believe that anyone that appreciates soundscapes and ambient music will really enjoy the album. This is the perfect release to play while lying in bed in the dark and focusing solely on what you hear." Cave Dweller Music 

Machine Nature

A Whale In The Forest

It’s 3AM and I’ve just been woken by the sound of rain hitting my window. I roll over and try to get back to sleep but every little sound grabs my attention, the drip of a tap, the hum of the refrigerator, the nocturnal boy racer tearing up the slip road. As I drift off my imagination begins to lead me to surreal worlds where everyday (or night) sounds are transformed and mutated into new sonic landscapes. Machine Nature allows the listener to experience this journey and search for their own individual meaning.

Turn the light off, shut your eyes and listen to the things that go buzz in the night…
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